Knee High Grip Socks

Knee High Grip Socks
Reimagine your yoga, Pilates, barre, or martial arts routine with our non slip grip socks. The outer grips bolster stability and coordination during pivotal moments, while the reinforced arch and ankle support provide stability and reliable comfort. The soft fabric molds to your feet, and the breathable material enhances airflow, preventing sweat build up and unwanted odors.

EXTENDED SITTING OR STANDING: Frequently sitting or standing for extended periods of time can contribute to varicose veins, spider veins and a variety of other circulatory issues. Designed with compression, our hybrid power socks reduce swelling and fatigue in your legs by preventing blood pooling.

Our signature wash bag doubles as a carrying bag, preserving the sock and silicone longer. Machine wash inside out, with warm water and gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry, or iron. Made with 100% organic cotton. knee high grip socks

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