Top 10 most famous architectural works in Ho Chi Minh City

Architectural works in Ho Chi Minh City have long been well-known throughout Vietnam and over the world. Strongly influenced by the famous French architect, Gothic or Roman architectural style, these works not only retain great values in terms of architecture but also deserve one of the unique tourist attractions when tourists participate in Vietnam travel to this famous dynamic city. Its impressive design harmonizing with the natural landscapes has turned these architectural works into the symbols of the city annually attracting both domestic and international tourists. Tourists will be definitely surprised and impressed when admiring this unique design. Reunification Palace Reunification Palace, formerly known as Norodom Palace was started its constructions on 23rd February 1868 and completed in 1871 under the sketches of architect Hermite. The palace was built on an area of 12 hectares including a large mansion with its frontage 80 meters wide, a living room containing 800 people inside and a large campus with the great number of trees and lawns. In particular, most of construction materials were transported from France. In 1962, a new palace was rebuilt on the old land under the design blueprints of architect Ngo Viet Thu. Reunification Palace is nowadays the appealing tourist site attracting tourists at home and abroad in the journey of discovering Vietnam travel to Ho Chi Minh City. Opera House Situated in the city center, Opera House is situated on Dong Khoi Street, district I. It is considered the versatile theater of the city organizing art performances and hosts numerous major events as well. Completed on 1st January 1900, Opera House belongs to the oldest types inspired by architecture in Western Europe and is considered as one of enchanting tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City.

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica The church was built from 1877 to 1880 with a width of 35m and 93m long. It was designed by the French architect Bonard imitated the architecture of Notre Dame de Paris. It used to be one of the most beautiful churches in the colonies of France at that time. In 1895, the church built 2 bell towers with the height of 57,6m each. These 2 towers retain 6 large bronze bells weighing 25,850 tons, which is now the largest bell set in Vietnam. Standing in front of the church is the 8.5 ton statue of Our Lady of Peace made of Italian marble with 4.2 m high designed in Rome and built in 1959. Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the bewitching attractions alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists in Vietnam tour packages toSaigon travel. Vietnam National Pagoda The pagoda was started its construction under the supervision of architect Ngo Viet Thu on 26th April 1964. It was designed with a 7-storey tower curved roofs and delicate carvings in the natural airy space. The pagoda’s architecture harmonizing with excellent scenery was deeply inspired of Vietnamese architectural style. 하노이 마사지 붐붐

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