Alternatives To A Professionally Made Birthday Cake

In these tough economic times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the potentially large costs of an expensive birthday cake custom baked by a speciality cake store or bakery, especially if the cake is for a small child who won’t necessarily appreciate the additional styling and cost on their special day. Use these alternatives to still create a cake that is the talking point of your next gathering without leaving a whole in the budget with this collection of professional birthday cake alternatives.

Use A Speciality Cake Tin To Create A Cake In The Image Of Your Favorite Character

There are hundreds of quality cake tins and pans in the likeness of just about any cartoon or TV character you can think of, and most are less that $20, delivered to your door from Using these pans as a mould, simply add a packet of cake mix from your local store and top with some icing to create a stylish character cake. These high quality pans are generally constructed from durable aluminium to ensure even baking and come with detailed cooking and decorating instructions. In less time than it would take to arrange a professional cake through the local bakery, you will have created a professional quality cake without even leaving home.

Use Cupcakes Instead Of A Birthday Cake

One of the age old problems facing any would-be party host is finding a type of birthday cake all of your guests will enjoy. No matter if you choose a plain sponge cake or you go for something slightly more exotic chocolate, mud, fruit or ice-cream cake, you are sure to have several guests who won’t partake. Purchasing multiple cakes is an unnecessary expense when for you can make multiple batches of cupcakes to meet a variety of tastes. Create a batch or two of regular white sponge cupcakes for the kids and some beautiful, magnolia style chocolate cupcakes for the adults to be the toast of the party. As an added bonus, you avoid the mess of cutting the cake and your guests will love taking home any spare cupcakes as a treat for their children. There are a variety of candles, toppers and character pull handles specially designed to be used with cupcakes to give an added touch of professionalism.

Decorate An Inexpensive Store Bought Cake With Speciality Cake Decorations

With some quality cake toppers, candles and a little bit of icing, a regular and inexpensive sponge cake purchased from your local store can be transformed into a stunning birthday party centerpiece. Cake toppers, featuring your favorite characters or scenes are generally less than $20 and are the easiest way to add some pizzazz to any cake. If your intended recipient has a fondness for humor, there are thousands of custom candles ranging from listing basic age through to depicting humorous scenes which won’t break the budget. birthday cake sydney

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