Benefits of Direct to Garment Printing

When you’re considering getting your designs printed on garments, there are many options to consider, including screen printing and direct to garment (DTG). DTG is the latest advancement in apparel printing and has quickly become the industry standard. It allows for more detailed prints with extremely high resolutions, while providing quick turnaround times. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of DTG and how it compares to other printing methods like heat transfer and sublimation.

DTG printing uses digital printers to print directly onto fabric with water-based inks. The printers use a specialized pre-treatment solution to help the ink bond with the garment fibers. Using this method, it’s possible to print full-color garments in just a few minutes. In contrast, screen printing requires multiple screens for each color in the design and can take much longer to produce.

One of the main reasons why DTG is so popular is that it offers more flexibility in terms of colors and designs. It’s also more cost-effective and efficient than other methods of printing on fabric. For example, ink used in screen printing takes a while to absorb and cure, and it can be difficult to get consistent results. In comparison, DTG printing is incredibly fast and produces the best-looking results for your custom products.

Another benefit of DTG printing is that it’s ideal for small and large orders, as well as for single-color designs. DTG printers can handle the highest levels of detail and reproduce precise Pantone colors. This makes it the most accurate and convenient printing method for t-shirt makers. Lastly, DTG printing can be the most affordable option for printing custom clothing, as it eliminates the need to buy large quantities of stock fabric.

It’s important to note that the DTG process doesn’t completely cover every part of a garment. The process only applies the ink to the areas of the fabric where there is a solid color, so some parts of the garment may still be seen through the image. This is especially true if you’re printing on light-colored garments. For dark-colored garments, it’s recommended to print a white ink underbase followed by the CMYK ink layers for optimal results.

When choosing a DTG printing company, it’s important to look for a partner with a proven track record and high-quality equipment. A reputable company should be able to offer you an excellent price and great service with its Epson F2000 and F2100 DTG printers. Make sure to check out a company’s volume, as the higher the amount they print per month, the lower their prices will be.

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