Can a DWI Lawyer Help Your Case?

Time was that a charge of DWI was considered a relatively minor offense unless serious injury occurred. However, today charges of driving whilst impaired are far more serious and the penalties can be severe and life changing. If you find yourself charged with a DWI offense then it is important to seek the services of a qualified DWI lawyer as soon as possible to defend your case.

A conviction for DWI can carry penalties such as fines, mandatory jail time, community service orders and nearly always suspension of your driving license. If this is not your first offense then the penalties become progressively more severe, whilst causing death, serious injury or damage can result in your case being elevated to a felony with a long jail term attached. By hiring a DWI lawyer you will give yourself the best possible chance of defending your case and receiving a lesser penalty.

You should be aware though that for cases of DWI not just any lawyer will suffice. Hiring an experienced lawyer who only deals with DWI cases is recommended as they will have the knowledge and expertise to analyze the evidence and defend your case. You do of course have the right to represent yourself, but this is not recommended unless you have extensive legal knowledge. Court personnel are unlikely to want to deal with you if you choose to represent yourself and the presiding judge may appoint a lawyer to you if they feel you lack even the basic knowledge to mount your defense.

There are certain circumstances under which a good DWI lawyer may be able have your case dismissed and yourself acquitted of all charges. Generally your lawyer will look to the evidence against you and the tests carried out at the time of your arrest. The question will be whether or not these tests where correctly carried out, if the equipment was working properly and if the personnel carrying out the tests was properly trained to do so. They may also look at the actions of the arresting officer and whether or not they had sufficient cause to stop you in the first place, whether they carried out the field sobriety correctly and of the arrest procedure was correctly followed.

Finding a lawyer requires you to carry out some research first. Ask around friends and family for recommendations, consult local press and directories and carry out online searches on legal websites for lawyers in your local area. Try to meet with at least two or three before deciding on who to hire and make sure that when you first meet them you know exactly what charges are against you and when your court date is. dwi defense lawyer

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