Choosing a Night Light For Kids

Kids love night lights for the same reasons adults like them: They look adorable, put kids at ease and help them sleep. They’re also a practical addition to any child’s room, and can be especially helpful for little ones who are afraid of the dark or just don’t want to sleep alone.

There are a wide variety of kid-friendly night lights on the market, from tabletop options that project star images or soothing sounds to handheld devices that feature cute animals and automatic dimmers. Some even come with timers or a remote control that allows parents to customize the lighting in their children’s bedrooms without disturbing them.

Best of the Rest

Globe Electric’s Multicolor Silicone Night Lamp is a BPA-free, kid-friendly option that will delight your tot with its adorable shapes and soft, squishy feel. The soft-toy night light can be tapped to cycle through different colors and has an auto-dimming feature that will shut off after 20 minutes.

The soft toy night light is portable, so it’s great for bringing to the bathroom or under the covers. It’s battery-powered, and rechargeable with a USB cable, so it’s easy to bring along on vacation or camping trips.

For a fun and whimsical addition to your little one’s room, consider Globe Electric’s Multicolor Night Light, which comes in a range of cute animal shapes. Designed to sit on their dresser, this adorable night light features 8 different color options and is a breeze for toddlers to change with a tap of its head.

Hatch Baby’s Chick Hatching Egg Night Light is a fun and portable option that offers parents many customizable features, including a variety of noise, light and color options. Plus, it’s Bluetooth-enabled and connects to an app, which makes it an ideal option for families with busy schedules or those that need a flexible nightlight solution.

Choosing the right night light for your little one depends on your family’s preferences and needs, but you should keep these considerations in mind when making your decision:

Brightness: Choose a night light that will provide sufficient illumination for your child to get ready for bed or read before sleeping. If you have a small space, it’s better to go with a portable, handheld night light that will be easy for your child to use while they’re asleep.

Color: Red- and amber-hued lights are the safest to use when it comes to nightlights for babies and children, since these colors don’t affect a child’s circadian rhythm.

Shape: Some of the most popular designs for kids night lights are shaped like their favorite characters, or in the shape of their room’s ceiling. For example, this uber-cute egg-shaped night light resembles a friendly penguin, and it can be lifted to emit a warm glow and provide extra comfort to little ones who might be scared at night.

When shopping for a night light, it’s a good idea to ask your child for their opinions and suggestions. Getting them involved will ensure they’ll be proud of their new gadget and help them feel more involved in their nighttime routines. night light for kids

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