Choosing the Right Button Head Screw

Fastener hardware comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. Choosing the right type of screw for a given application is vital to ensure it meets performance expectations and provides lasting reliability. Considerations such as head shape, material and drive type will make a difference in the end result of your project. Accu carries an extensive range of imperial and metric button head cap screws and other socket cap screws in a variety of sizes and finishes.

A button head screw is a type of socket cap screw that features a low domed head and a wide bearing surface to prevent loosening. They provide a more visually finished appearance than other types of socket caps, making them ideal for applications where a clean aesthetic is desired. The rounded head also offers a safer alternative to sharp edges that could snag on moving machinery. Although they offer a more finished look than standard socket cap screws, button head screws are rated for light-duty applications and lack the strength of traditional socket heads.

In order to maximize the lifespan of a button head screw, proper installation and storage are key. It is important to keep in mind the environment where the screws will be used, as climate conditions can affect the load-bearing capacity of a screw. Other factors to consider include the screw’s tensile load and shear load. Once you’ve determined the load requirements of your screw, choose a metric or imperial socket head cap screw in the size required and select a finish that will provide optimal performance. button head screw

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