Curiosities and pocket watch content at glance

The construction of pocket watch models began in mid-century XIX. Initially turned to different systems of weights lifted when they reached the end of your tour or tighten the coil spring. Finally managed to keep straight the oscillations of the regulator (pendulum, steering wheel, metal tuning fork) with the aid of magnetism and electromagnetism. In the latter case, the oscillator also becomes a driving device and moves the wheels meshed system that governs the arrows. The oscillator sets the switching current necessary for the maintenance of the oscillations and short on time.

Energy is supplied by a battery or a battery as DC. The best pocket watch models are equipped with synchronous motors powered by alternating current network (50 Hz). Electrical currents can also be used to keep multiple secondary clocks synchronized with the pendulum of a clock. Electronic watches incorporate one or more of its electronics components. In 1952, Marius introduced a transistor Lavet in systems with sustained oscillations, to be replaced by electronic switching devices with electrical contacts, which deteriorate the effect of the spark of extra current of rupture due to the inductance of the coil.

The pocket watch designs appear in its first manifestations in 1920, but only in 1929, the American watch Alvin Warren Marrison created a clock that ran on a quartz resonator. Quartz watches were developed by marketing the Lip but from 1969 made the company Seiko. In 1988 the company removed the battery in Seiko quartz watches and is replaced by a tiny dynamo that produces the energy it consumes clock. These pocket watch designs tend to use a quartz ring connected to an electrical circuit, which is made to oscillate at 100,000 Hz (hertz, or cycles per second). This high frequency oscillation is converted into an alternating current is reduced to a frequency suitable for measurement of time and used to fuel the engine of a synchronous clock. The maximum error of more accurate quartz watches is 1 second in 10 years. You can find amazing models on the market. There is a way to avoid issues, try to find the best quality watches.

The electric field of watch making is now vast, with many more branches and classical watch making applications. Chip clocks markers for staff, outdoor clocks. There is electric pocket watch in which the battery is miniaturized; there is another type of electronic watch without leak or wheel, which uses the frequency of a tuning fork vibrator as a regulator. starting a company in Singapore

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