Do Some Research Before Hiring a Refrigerator Repair Service

When your refrigerator stops cooling, it can be an expensive problem to fix. In addition to the cost of parts and labor, homeowners should factor in shipping costs, environmental fees, and disposal or recycling fees. To avoid these expenses, homeowners can do some research before calling for fridge repair service.

Read online reviews of appliance repair companies. Make sure you read both good and bad reviews, as this will give you a full picture of what to expect. Look at the company’s customer service policies, as well. This will tell you whether they are a professional and trustworthy company.

Check for refrigerator repair warranties. If a company offers a warranty on their repairs, you should consider hiring them. This ensures that you will be covered if the company accidentally makes a mistake. A warranty will also provide peace of mind that you are getting quality repairs at a fair price.

Look for reconditioned refrigerator parts. While it may be cheaper to replace the old fridge with reconditioned parts, you should remember that they are not guaranteed and will not come with a warranty. Moreover, installing used parts could void your refrigerator’s manufacturer warranty.

Some minor problems like condensation, rattling, or a broken fridge light have easy DIY solutions. For example, if your refrigerator is running but not cooling, cleaning the condenser coils with compressed air or vacuuming it out can improve airflow and reduce energy consumption. However, if your fridge is not cooling at all, the thermostat or compressor may be faulty. refrigerator repair service

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