Experience The Integra Dental Difference

Experience The Integra Dental Difference

Whether you are looking to restore your smile, improve your oral health or just want a smile that looks great, we have the solutions for you. Robina Dental Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see the difference a dentist like Dr. Brown can make in your oral health!

A Premium Partner of Patent®

INTEGRA is a proud premium partner of Patent(tm), the Swiss pioneer in zirconia implant technology. These ceramic implants are 100% free of metal, suitable for people with allergies and come with a lifelong material guarantee.

They also have an excellent healing success rate. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the benefits of these unique ceramic dental prostheses!

The Integra Wound Bed

When placing Integra the wound bed should be meticulously prepared. The wound bed should be clear of contamination and infection, with adequate vascular supply, pristine hemostasis, and a uniform bed to facilitate complete contact of the Integra matrix with the wound bed.

If an infection is present, aspirate purulent drainage and treat with topical antibiotics and irrigate five times daily until cultures confirm that the infection has been eradicated. If the infection remains, remove the area and do not replace Integra until the infection has been adequately treated.

Use of Amphotericin Slurry

When using Integra in the treatment of infection, augmentation is sometimes needed with focused antibiotic therapy applied to the underside of the matrix prior to placement. This technique, called the “Gottlieb technique,” has been shown to improve outcomes for patients suffering from a bacterial or fungal wound.

A common early complication of the Integra is seroma and hematoma formation. These fluid collections should be evacuated, and bleeding controlled if necessary.

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