Fire Damage Cleaning – How to Get Rid of Smoke Odours

When your property has been affected by fire damage it’s important to take swift action – it’s essential that you contact a professional smoke damage cleaning company as soon as the emergency services have declared the premises safe to enter. This will ensure that the fire restoration company can assess the damage and provide a quote for decontamination works and fire damage clean up costs.

The fire smoke odour removal process starts with the deep cleaning of all surfaces and contents affected by fire damage. This is achieved through the use of a non-toxic chemical vapour, called “Biosweep” which guarantees 100% odour removal from all surfaces including carpets and curtains.

Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned it can then be ready for deodorisation. This is carried out by our team using a professional machine that blasts compressed air through a blasting pot filled with an abrasive (in this case bicarbonate of soda) which removes the carbon and smoke from all surfaces and also helps to neutralise odours.

It is vital to carry out this stage carefully as leaving a building un-deodorised can cause staining and damage to surfaces in the long term. It can also affect the occupants of the building as inhalation of these chemicals over a prolonged period can lead to health issues such as breathing difficulties and even death. This is why decontamination should be a priority within the fire stabilisation phase of a fire, to maximise your insurance claim potential and avoid costly replacements. fire damage cleaning london

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