Flathead Lake Tours

Flathead Lake tours offer a wide variety of options for visitors, including boating excursions and fishing trips. A trip to this stunning freshwater lake is a must-do for any Montana visitor. The area around the lake is also home to a national forest, four state parks and an island reserved for wild horses. Visitors can dine lakeside at a scenic spot such as Finley Point, where spectacular sunsets are a highlight.

A boating adventure is a great way to experience Flathead Lake, especially during the summer when temperatures are warm enough for swimming. A guided tour provides a safe environment to enjoy the waters, as well as the chance to see wildlife like bighorn sheep and bald eagles. Fishing is also popular on Flathead Lake, which is home to a variety of species, including whitefish, rainbow trout and northern pike.

The best time to visit Flathead Lake is during the spring and early summer when temperatures are warm enough for swimming and other activities. During this period, the weather is also usually clear and sunny. However, this is also the busiest time to visit, so if you want a quieter experience, consider visiting during the fall shoulder season. This time of year is still beautiful, but the weather is often a little cooler and it’s possible to see some snow by the end of October.

Kayaking is also a popular activity on Flathead Lake, and there are kayak rental companies that provide rentals for both experienced and beginners. The lake’s rocky waters make it more challenging for kayakers, but the water is sheltered by forested terrain that keeps it calmer. For a more relaxed experience, visitors can take a scenic cruise on one of the lake’s many boats.

While in the area, guests should not miss a stop at a local brewery to try some Montana beer. Located in a charming town called Bigfork, Flathead Lake Brewing is a must-visit attraction for any beer lover. The brewery offers a large selection of beers, as well as delicious food.

The Flathead Lake Marine Trail is a series of waterways and stopping points that feature some of the most notable features of this beautiful freshwater lake. The trail is ideal for kayakers of all skill levels, as it offers routes that are suitable for experienced paddlers and beginners alike.

Another must-visit attraction on any Flathead Lake tour is the Kerr Dam, a gorgeous roadside attraction that features a view of the rushing water from the Flathead River, which is over 50 feet higher than Niagara Falls. A tour of this stunning roadside wonder will leave you with new travel memories to share for years to come. flathead lake tours

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