French Wines – Why the Fuss About French Wines?

Some of the best wines come from France. In the continent of Europe, it is one of the oldest region where wine are made. France wine making history dated back to the Roman era. Actually, it was in this period that wine making expertise was exported to other region in France.

France is definitely known for their wines. In fact it was from the ‘French Paradox’, a medical finding that observed that despite the French population’s diet rich in fats, their risk of getting coronary disease remains significantly low. The trend has been attributed to their fascination for wine drinking. The finding has resulted in many studies focused on possible health benefits of wine to the body.

Wine making process in France

The process of wine making can be considered an art form. For the fact that respective wine maker can add his or her own personal touch to the making process. The final result of wine after going through the making process is determined by so many factors, for example, the climate, time of harvesting, terroir, fermentation period etc. The tasks of controlling these factors is the sole responsibility of wine makers.

Who drinks French wines

Among the very best wines produced in various regions of France includes:Bordeaux wine, Champagne, and Burgundy wine. In the past in France, the usual practice has been that people only drink wine made in their locality. Easy access to rails, roads and other form of transportation has made wine more easily available throughout the country. France has been known to be one of the biggest consumers of their own wines. Over the years however, the trend has greatly reduced. As a result decrease in local patronage, attention is now pace towards exporting of French wines. Due to quality wines made from other parts of the globe emerging, French wines popularity has been reduced.


This is a phrase that originates from France. In wine making it refers to the natural traits that are conferred to the wine by any particular vineyard. Every vineyard is widely believed to have its own unique composition that can affect the final result of the wine. Some of the characteristic includes, altitude, soil type, the level of sun the plants in the vineyards are exposed to, how the vineyard is been managed etc.

It is no doubt that French wines are included as a favorite among many wine connoisseur. Not only do they have an excellent tradition of wine making in France, but the wines that they produce speak for themselves across the globe. wine tours from portland oregon

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