Harley Davidson Engagement Rings – Perfect For Motorcycle Enthusisasts

Do you love your Harley Davidson motorcycles? If so, you’re likely marrying another rider. Why not turn your passion into the symbol of your passion for each other with a Harley Davidson engagement ring? Be off on your way and hit the open road wearing your double-love on your fingers.

You can get custom made Harley engagement rings or find some excellent models already made online as well as in custom Harley jewelry shops. Needless to say, even when it comes to all things Harley Davidson, not all engagement rings are right for all people. So you have to consider some things first as you go shopping.

First, there is the price to be paid. So, take into consideration what you can afford, and then from there consider the metals used, the workmanship, the simplicity or intricacy of the Harley engagement rings that you want.

Now, consider the practicalities of your lifestyle. When you’re often heading out on the highway, riding hard, you don’t want expensive rings than be easily tarnished, scratched, or sullied. You want durable rings made of, perhaps, a less precious but tougher metal. Even if you typically wear riding gloves, you still need to consider how much protection from wind and weather you want to give to your symbols of your love and forthcoming union. So, you should probably consider titanium or stainless steel over silver, gold, or platinum if you know you’re going to be more at home when you’re on the “fly”. What’s more, consider that these rings are usually thicker than other engagement rings, again for toughness but also because the Harley Davidson logo, if used, is quite bulky. For less bulk, consider other Harley symbols: generic cycles, eagles, wings, flames, skulls, and serpents.

Consider Harley engagement rings seriously if you are quite certain that you’ll always be riders. (The same goes for your wedding rings, too). You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that, in the future, you’ll not be all that proud of or not feel any connection to. Especially if you are very young (under 35), think twice before you decide to go with the Harley engagement rings. On the other hand, Harley engagement rings can be very inexpensive compared to other types since many of them are made more for nice-looking durability than “fire and glitter” (although diamonds are popular in Harley engagement rings), so if you won’t be spending too much money and you think that even if you stop riding you’ll at least always enjoy the memories, then go ahead and take a chance and live for today!

Also, be patient. Harley engagement rings won’t be as easy to find as most other types, since they are appealing to a narrow segment of the market (it probably shocks you that not everyone is a motorcycle rider, and of those not all of them are Harley Davidson riders). The Franklin Mint, Adventure Harley Davidson Jewelry, Syd Curtis Designs, Doc’s Harley Davidson, and Josten’s are some of the very best Harley Davidson engagement ring makers and sellers, and they all have good websites. wholesale tungsten carbide rings

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