How Many Days Till Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends and family. Aside from the traditional flowers, chocolates, and cards, you can also craft personalised gifts to show your appreciation for those who matter most to you.

The origin of Valentine’s Day is obscure, but it may have roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, held from Feb. 13 to 15 and dedicated to Faunus, the god of fertility. Lupercalia involved a pagan ritual of purification and fertility in which men would sacrifice goats and dogs and whip women with the animal hides, to ensure health and prosperity for the coming year. The holiday’s name may also be derived from Saint Valentine of Terni, who was executed on February 14 in different years by Emperor Claudius II. Legend holds that the priest defied the emperor by officiating marriages among soldiers, a practice forbidden by the emperor.

Handwritten valentines appeared in the 1500s, and by the 1700s commercially printed cards began to appear. Valentines today often depict the winged Cupid and hearts, a symbol of romantic love. Some also include birds, since they are associated with fidelity and fertility.

Although primarily a celebration of romance, Valentine’s Day has become a day for showing appreciation for loved ones of all kinds. If you’re looking for last-minute ideas, consider crafting personalised love coupons that promise acts of kindness and romantic gestures, or even shared experiences. Aside from these quick and thoughtful gestures, you can also set the mood with soft music and dimmed lights. how many days until valentine’s day

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