How to Get Youtube Comment Upvotes

Youtube comment upvotes are a great way to make your comments look natural and help you get noticed on the videos you’re watching. You can also use them to promote your own videos and channel. However, it’s important to understand the risks involved in using these services and be aware that YouTube will punish your account if you abuse their system.

The best way to get youtube comment likes is to use a service that provides them from real users. You should choose a company that has many positive user reviews and offers packages that fit your budget. It’s also important to learn how long it will take for the service to complete, so you can plan ahead and avoid delays.

To increase your chances of getting your comment to the top, make sure you have a useful comment that adds to the discussion. You should also try to be original and not copy other people’s comments. It’s better to say something funny that relates to the video than to ask for likes or state what year you were born. These types of comments usually don’t get high ratings.

Another important factor in getting your comment to the top is timing. Try to post your comment when the video is getting popular. This will increase your chance of it getting a lot of likes and rising to the top. However, it’s also important to remember that getting a top comment is mostly about luck and that it may not happen every time.

How do I know if my purchased comment upvotes were real?

A key indicator of whether youtube comment upvotes were bought or not is the time stamp. The more time it takes for a comment to reach the top, the more likely it is that it was bought. You can also find out by checking the number of thumbs up that a comment has.

Buying youtube comment likes can help you promote your video and gain more subscribers. It’s important to note that youtube will remove your videos and ban your channel if you’re found to be abusing their platform. However, buying youtube comment upvotes is a safe way to boost your profile and improve your chance of reaching the top. It’s also much cheaper than traditional marketing methods and can give your profile a boost in the search results. It’s worth experimenting with this method to see if it works for you. But keep in mind that you should never buy likes just to be famous on youtube. You should do it because you enjoy making videos and want to share them with the world. youtube comment upvotes

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