How to Re-Apply Xbox Thermal Paste

Microsoft’s chunky next-gen console is designed to be cool and quiet. But it might need a little more help than that to keep its processor from overheating. A new teardown from iFixit finds that the Series X has plenty of components to do so, including a sizable fan and heat sink. It also has a new type of thermal paste that might be more effective than older types.

Xbox Thermal Paste

Although you can technically boot a computer without it, thermal paste is very important to help dissipate heat and prevent a hot CPU from frying the processor. Over time, however, the paste can degrade and become dry, reducing its effectiveness. Experts recommend re-applying it from time to time.

To do so, you’ll need a few things: a cotton swab or two, some alcohol and a bit of the original paste. First, use the cotton swab or alcohol to remove any remaining bits of the old paste. Then, apply a thin layer of the new thermal paste to the CPU’s surface, using a flat spatula or similar tool to spread it evenly.

Maximum PC suggests leaving a dab smaller than a pea on the center of the processor. Then, lower the heat sink’s connecting part over the dab. Finally, gently rub the heat sink and processor in short movements to spread the thermal compound. Some people also prefer to use an applicator that’s specially designed for spreading thermal paste.

Xbox Thermal Paste

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