How to Use a Hair Diffuser Properly

You probably already know that diffusing your curls is the best way to reduce frizz and keep your natural bounce. But if you’re not exactly sure how to use a hair diffuser or haven’t been doing it correctly, here are tips from the pros (plus the best ones on the market):

DO-Start with a low heat setting—it helps prevent your hair from feeling crunchy or hard. Also, don’t skip out on the heat protectant! This will keep your locks hydrated while you’re drying them.

CHELSEA HILDEBRAND (@chelseycurlchronicles): Start at the ends and work your way down. This will help prevent your curls from getting flat or overly elongated as they’re drying. It’s also important to remember to move your head around and rotate your wrist as you diffuse so you’re not drying the same areas of your hair over and over again.

MELISSA GUIDO (@manesbymell): Do not use your hair dryer on a high speed—it will overheat and potentially damage your strands. Instead, use a lower heat setting to slowly diffuse your curls until they’re fully dry.

MYLES RESLAN (@mylesreslan): When diffusing your hair, do not blow straight INTO your curls, because this will just dry your hair flat and cause frizz. Instead, flip your head forward and gently diffuse upwards to allow the grouped curls to catch or encompass the air, so they don’t get blown straight back to the roots.

To get the best results, be sure to follow all of these tips and try out different techniques until you find what works for your unique curl pattern and style! hair diffuser

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