Medical Alerts or Care Givers

It is very important to be aware of medical alerts. People may joke about the catchphrase “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” but there are very serious situations in which an elderly person has fallen, broken something or been knocked unconscious with a potentially fatal injury and they really can not get up. If you or someone you know needs a personal emergency response system (PERS) there are many functions that allow you to be kept safe, such as a fall detector, heart monitor and body temperature gauge. The medical alarm can send a text message to a family or friend’s cell phone that informs them of the situation and they can respond accordingly, calling to see if you are okay, rushing over if you need help, or contacting emergency services for you if they can not help.

Medical alerts have started to become more and more of a convenience for people who live alone and are at risk of injury or illness. Elders whose loved ones have passed on or left the city;, patients who have recurring heart failures, breathing problems, or other fatal issues; and mentally challenged patients have all turned to medical alerts to keep them safe, healthy and alive. These little machines send out a distress signal when they are activated to the nearest emergency center or building where these signals are monitored and broadcasted to any other number of people it was designed to contact. This guarantees that the person in danger receives help immediately so as to avoid further complications.

Living without one of these life-saving medical alerts could be dangerous or risky. Without someone to keep an eye on you, and without these trusty devices monitoring you so that you stay safe, you are running the risk of having an accident and not having help sent for hours, if not days, simply because no one was aware that you were harmed. The more cautious you are about your health, the safer you will be so that you do not end up being that senior on the floor calling out “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Medical alerts are more reliable in some ways than a care taker. If you are sound of mind and body, but getting up in years, you may simply want the reassurance of knowing someone is a push of a button away. By having a medical alert, you can maintain the freedom of living in your own home without the necessity of hiring a care giver. Most caregivers are qualified and reliable for your care, but it can be an intrusion on your privacy. Or, perhaps you would get an individual who is more interested in the television than your health, is asleep for the night or out getting groceries. The alert devices are built for that purpose; on any day at any given time if you should have an accident this device will be there to watch over you and make sure that you get the help you need. Reliable, safe, and easy to use the variety of medical alerts that are available are guaranteed to fit your needs and lifestyle. find a caregiver

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