Modern Style Kitchen Cabinets

Modern style kitchen cabinets are simple and minimal in their details and look beautiful paired with a bold accent wall or marble countertop. They’re also a good option for homeowners who want their kitchen to look clean and airy, especially those who don’t have many windows in their home.

The most important thing to remember about modern cabinets is that less really is more. Keep the decorative details to a minimum and use only straight-lined, linear cabinet hardware. Sticking with neutrals like white or grey will help the cabinets stand out without becoming a focal point themselves. If you’re going with a dark color, choose a lighter shade of the hue or consider pairing it with a contrasting accent wall.

For a more Art Deco feel, opt for high-gloss cabinets with a geometric pattern or polished metal accents. Then, dress up the cabinet interiors with textured wallpaper or a custom back-painted design to make the cabinets pop. A few glass front doors can also add some intrigue to a modern cabinet. Just be careful to limit them to a few of your prettiest dishes so they don’t become too cluttered.

Framed or frameless cabinets are both great options for modern kitchens. If you go with framed cabinets, the choice of door style will determine the overall vibe of your space. Shaker-style doors with slim borders and flat panel door fronts offer a sleek aesthetic, while shaker-style doors with a wider frame are more transitional. Another door style to consider is thermofoil, a PVC vinyl material that’s fused to MDF and comes in a variety of solid colors or wood grain patterns. These doors are compatible with laminate and granite countertops. modern style kitchen cabinets

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