Raise Negotiation Strategies

Raise negotiation strategies are a must for anyone who wants to increase their salary. It can be tempting to avoid asking for a raise in order not to risk losing your job or seeming ungrateful, but you’ll likely get more out of the process if you do approach your boss with a specific number and a compelling argument as to why you deserve the raise.

Experts recommend preparing for the discussion with a friend or career coach who can provide you with tips, practice and feedback. You should also plan your approach and create a document of your accomplishments that can serve as a backup in case you’re unable to remember an important detail during the conversation.

It’s best to negotiate in person and on a day when your boss will be free from interruptions. Choosing the right time of year is also essential; you’re more likely to receive a positive response when the company is financially doing well, for example, rather than in the middle of a slump or during layoffs.

Set up the meeting by introducing yourself, describing your background and the reasons why you’re seeking more money. Then ask your boss what he or she thinks you should be paid based on his or her research. You’ll have more room to move if you launch the conversation with the higher end of your range. Be prepared for a rejection and try to understand the reasons why. You can then focus on requesting alternative benefits, like more vacation time or a flexible work schedule, to boost your quality of life. Raise negotiation strategies

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