SOLIDEO’s Olympic Village in Paris Is Not Ready For 2024, Says Renovation Company

With the Olympic village now ready to host 17,000 athletes, renovation company SOLIDEO – which has been in charge of the project since 2012 – says it is “ready for 2024.” But a new report from city analysts raises questions about the feasibility and cost of the downtown Olympic village.

While the Olympic village is still under construction, it has already begun to leave its mark on the local neighbourhood, which is in one of the poorest areas in mainland France. For example, it boasts a multipurpose meeting point where residents can grab a coffee, get a haircut or post a letter – as well as watch the Games live on a big screen.

But it’s also a place where occupants can learn about sustainable living, thanks to innovative sustainability features. These include passive cooling strategies, solar panels and rooftop gardens that help the village meet its NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) target. And a community hub will run farmers’ markets, workshops and other events aimed at fostering a sense of well-being among residents.

In terms of design, the village is a bold departure from typical tower blocks. Its mass-timber buildings take their cue from historic Milanese architecture while embracing contemporary materials such as low-embodied carbon facades. And its terraces shaded by vertical planting connect the blocks, creating a sense of community. But perhaps its biggest innovation is a commitment to quality: while most new housing is rushed and opportunistic, the village’s flats have kitchens – something not seen in many modern block projects – and balconies big enough for a table and chairs. renovation company Olympic village

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