Spas and Spa Hotels Seeing Growing Numbers of Male Customers

The spa industry is worth an estimated 1.5 billion pounds in the UK alone, and statistics now show one-third of their customers are now men, discovering the feel-good factor of a relaxing treatment for themselves. As we all endure constant bad news regarding the economy, and the stresses and strains of everyday life, it seems men are seeking to enjoy some pampering – and how better to do this than at one of the many spa hotels in the UK.

With Fathers Day approaching, rather than giving your dad the traditional gift of tools, tie or socks, surprise him with a stay at a luxurious spa hotel and make his day.

It remains to be said, however, that the vast majority of men are still uncomfortable with an overly girly environment – they don’t want to be surrounded by fuss and frills and given a pink bathrobe to wear! Spa hotels and spas are now increasingly offering a gender neutral environment, and special treatments are being designed with men in mind. Deep-tissue massage and other massages which suggest the resolution of a sports injury whilst being relaxing and enjoyable are popular with men as are facials packaged towards the male customer, such as the hangover busting facial.

Spa hotels have been extremely popular with hen parties for many years, and now the stag party is discovering the benefits of a weekend break filled with relaxation in the run up to the big day – at a luxury spa hotel this can be combined with an amazing meal and more than a few glasses of champagne, along with that spa glow. Golf weekend breaks can also be combined with a trip to the spa at one of the luxury hotels that offer both a fantastic golf course and top-class spa.

What’s more, it seems the weary male business traveller – who may have checked into a spa hotel with no intention of visiting the spa for a treatment – is also wandering down for a massage or facial. Men are increasingly aware of the importance of unwinding and shaking off the day’s stresses in order to combat their effect on health and well-being. Spas and spa hotels are now focusing on mind, body and spirit, not just nurturing the outer appearance but the inner-self also – and when people are paying significant sums to go to a spa hotel, they expect a wide-ranging, holistic approach. personalized fuzzy socks

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