The Best Curly Hair Salon Melbourne

Finding the right hairdresser is tough enough, but it’s doubly tricky if you have curly hair. Folks with luscious kinks and coils often spend years barber-hopping, salon-sampling, or suffering through innumerable smile-through-tears moments as new hairdressers try to understand their textured manes.

Thankfully, each week more and more curl-friendly hairdressers appear, claiming to be the ideal curly hair salon Melbourne. Sadly, many of these so-called specialists fail to meet expectations. Some red flags include a salon that claims to be specialised yet promotes chemical straightening and extensions; a hairdresser who exclusively aligns with the DevaCurl method while refusing to service clients outside their preferred creative bias; or a salon that lists vague, misleading pricing.

One such pro who’s making waves is Ginger and Co Hair. Located in Prahran, the boutique is run by a woman who’s devoted her career to supporting and educating women (and girls) with their unique hair texture. She’s been trained by renowned international curly hair educators and uses her extensive experience to offer dry style cuts that cut each curl individually, deep conditioning treatments, and colour using Curly Girl Method and vegan/curl friendly Everescents and Jessicurl products.

Customers have praised Ginger’s rich knowledge of curly hair and how she’s able to make them feel valued during their appointment. Expect to leave with curls that shine, bounce, and ooze a little bit of sass, Gina style! best curly hair salon melbourne

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