The Joe Tippens Protocol

The Joe Tippens protocol has gained rapid popularity in the past few years after some fenbendazole advanced cancer success stories surfaced on YouTube. The Joe Tippens cancer treatment is a combination of the parasitic medication fenbendazole (commonly known by the brand name Pancur) and other supplements including CBD oil, turmeric powder and Vitamin E. It is a combination that works to target a variety of weak points in cancer cells that result in their self-destruction. Fenbendazole binds directly to voltage-dependent anion channels and closes them, which disrupts microtubules and interferes with glucose metabolism, causing cancer cells to die. CBD binds to the microtubules and blocks their ability to function, and it also inhibits the enzyme hexokinase-2 that is involved in cancer cell glycolysis. Together, fenbendazole and curcumin cause apoptosis of cancer cells by disrupting the mitosis process in them and blocking their ability to divide.

This combination of fenbendazole, CBD and turmeric has been shown to have powerful synergistic effects in animal studies. For example, a study in mice found that fenbendazole alone was ineffective against some types of cancers, but when combined with CBD and Vitamin E, the combination was able to effectively treat all of the different cancers tested.

A company called Ultra Botanica has been supplying a high-quality, bioavailable version of turmeric powder that is recommended for the Joe Tippens cancer treatment. They have partnered with some of the top scientists and M.D.’s in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry to develop technology that dramatically improves nutrient absorption into the bloodstream at previously unheard-of levels. Joe spent much of 2021 collaborating with these experts, and he now recommends their products in his Onco-Adjunct line of supplements.

The joe tippens protocol calls for 222 mg of fenbendazole per day, seven days a week, in the form of oral granules or liquid suspension taken with food. The supplement also recommends taking 25 mg of CBD oil sublingually under the tongue seven days a week, and 400-800mg of Vitamin E per day, seven days a week.

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