The LED Cylinder Light

The LED cylinder light is a versatile fixture that provides a creative, unique lighting solution to both indoor and outdoor spaces. These fixtures are often used in restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and offices to create a sense of sophistication and a burst of quality light that accents or highlights other decor elements.

These lights are also commonly found in modern residential settings and can be used to light a foyer, living room, or deck. Their simple design makes them easy to integrate into existing decor without competing with the other pieces for attention. These lights are often used to light artwork, furniture, and other decorative items, providing a warm ambient glow for a space that is both elegant and welcoming.

There are a variety of controls for this type of light, including Radiance, Shadow Type, Samples, and Cylinder Length. When using the Item Transform tool, these controls are automatically adjusted in the 3D viewport to provide additional control over the item’s appearance and positioning.

Radiance – controls the intensity of this type of light and uses the standard physically-based unit of Watts per volumetric meter. Increasing this value increases the light’s intensity and decreasing it reduces the light’s intensity.

Inverse Distance Squared – This setting controls the way that the intensity of this light falls off with distance. This setting works by inverse-squaring the falloff; a light will be half as bright at twice the distance as it would be at its maximum intensity.

This 2″ LED Pendant & Ceiling Cylinder Light from WestGate Mfg is an ideal lighting option for outdoor areas. It has a Up & Down Cylinder shape that can be mounted to wall surfaces and creates a unique lighting effect for a building’s exterior. The die-casting aluminum housing is durable and designed for wet locations so it can stand up to the elements.

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