Vacuum Excavation – The Only Non-Destructive Excavation Method

First of all, you need to know more about non-destructive digging NDD Melbourne methods. And, you need to make sure that you know how you can get it done, without damaging the area around the hole. This isn’t something that many people are familiar with, and this is why this can be really interesting to know.

Knowing more about the non-destructive excavation

What is non-destructive excavation? Is this something that you can do at home with your normal household garden tools?

Firstly non-destructive excavation is when you are digging a deep hole in the ground without damaging any area around the hole. This includes on top of the hole and the soil around the hole as well. You might be wondering, why this type of hole might be needed.

Maybe you have a tree that you want to replant. But, you already have a beautiful garden that you don’t want to disturb. With digging a non-destructive hole, you will have a hole for the tree, without damaging the garden around it. Construction sites are making use of these types of excavations a lot. Especially around underground water and gas pipes and besides the building’s foundation.

Normal digging and non-destructive excavation

If you are considering a non-destructive excavation, there is no way that you can achieve it with normal digging. You will have soil, rock and other debris that needs to go somewhere. And, you need to get into the hole, if the hole needs to be really deep. This is why you’ll need to make use of specially designed equipment to get this type of hole done.

This is where the vacuum excavation comes in. This is the best and only way that you can get non-destructive excavation done without making use of normal digging methods. There is actually no way that you can get the non-destructive excavation done with normal digging methods.

How to vacuum excavation comes to the rescue

You might be wondering how to vacuum excavation can come to the rescue of non-destructive excavation. We know vacuum trucks that can clean drains and other debris out of underground pipes. But, making non-destructive holes?

With the latest technology, these vacuum trucks can also do vacuum excavation. They are making use of two separate methods. The one is the normal vacuum excavation method, while the other one is the hydro excavation method. This is where you are using pressurized air or water to drill holes into the ground. And, the debris is getting sucked up to the tanks on the trucks.

Things you should know about vacuum excavation

This is really a great way to make use of vacuum excavation or hydro excavation Melbourne. This is the only way that non-destructive excavation can be made. There are some circumstances where a hole is needed, but where the surrounding area should stay in perfect condition. With the vacuum excavation method, this is possible. The only thing that will be disturbed in the ground is the hole itself. There will be no debris, soil or rock lying around.

The only way that you will ever get a non-destructive excavation done, is by making use of a vacuum truck. The truck is using vacuum excavations methods to make a hole in the ground without disturbing the rest of the soil or ground around the hole. Hiring a vacuum truck with this equipment will ensure fast and effective hole making. zemní práce

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