Vintage Christmas Angels

When the babe Jesus Christ was born in a humble manger in Bethlehem, significant characters witnessed the glorious occasion. Some of these characters were the angels that descended from the heavens to take part in the celebration by singing melodious and magical songs. As this story leads to the beginning of the Christmas tradition, the presence of the angels also became a constant in the yuletide celebrations each December all throughout the centuries. Vintage Christmas angels became part of the decorations that were created during Christmastime. They were made into all sorts of decorative things such as figurines, hanging ornaments, display decors, fabric motif, etc. They are also popular as a Christmas party theme because they are an iconic subject that can be interpreted in many different ways.

Vintage Christmas angels are perfect to be incorporated as figurines and ornaments for Christmas decorations. They can be very attractive ornaments because their facial features are fair, cherubic and quite charming. As hanging figural ornaments for Christmas trees and the garlands on the walls and the staircase, they can be strewn and evenly distributed so that they can fly and sing their way in order to make the Christmas decor more striking and magical. They can be made from porcelain, plastic and glass and can be painted and detailed with different colors that will complement the color scheme of the Christmas tree. Little angel figurines with awesome dresses and lovely feathery wings are great additions for the fireplace mantel as accents for the natural evergreen garlands that line its surface. The sight will be incredibly breathtaking with colorful candles in between the parade of heavenly beings.

Christmas angels are great choices for the Christmas tree topper because they have an enchanting appearance that can brighten up the tree and the entire living room. They can be made from porcelain, paper mache, fabric, glass and other interesting materials that can be molded into beautiful angels. Aside from their charming faces, angels become more appealing because of their fascinating outfits. Colors such as red, silver and gold are combined to make their ethereal dresses. They can be made from different rich fabrics such as silk, velvet and chiffon while glitter, colorful decorative dusts, and rhinestones can make the linings and accent parts of their dresses more intricate and exquisite. They can also have several kinds and colors of beads added to their dresses to create floral and abstract patterns to make them more outstanding and pleasing to the eyes.

Vintage Christmas angels are great subjects for images of the yuletide season. They can be placed at the top of the nativity scene as a symbolic representation of their roles in the Christmas celebration. They can join jolly children singing carols to the neighbors in pictures that are found in vintage Christmas greeting cards and postcards. Their smiling chubby faces can be made as borders of postcards and even as accent designs for the tablecloths and linens that are usually used during the Christmas celebrations. Christmas angels are also excellent designs for candleholders because they seem to glow when the candles above them are lighted. They bring an enchanting and solemn presence to Christmas gatherings all over the world. Angel Figurine Collection

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