Watch Repairs Near Me

A well-maintained watch is a timepiece that will keep running for years to come. Whether it’s an antique family heirloom or your everyday workwatch, a little maintenance goes a long way in preventing the inevitable wear and tear. But if it’s time for an overhaul, there are plenty of experts ready to restore your favorite piece to its former glory.

Watch repairs near me

The most trusted, reliable watchmakers around have a reputation for meticulous work and fair prices. These places offer a wide variety of services, from simple battery changes to complete restorations and overhauls. But not all shops are created equal, and some may have hidden costs or shady practices.

Some of the best shops specialize in a specific brand of watches or have a particular repair expertise that makes them unique. Others have an extensive inventory of spare parts and are more likely to fix a wider range of issues.

Generally, professional watchmakers have a formal watchmaking degree from a technical school and receive in-house training as technicians at the brand they service. They seldom fabricate replacement parts, but instead obtain and fit factory parts directly.

Many of these specialists only accept a limited number of customers each day and may have waiting lists for months, if not longer. But for those who are patient, it can be worth the wait.

Some Yelpers describe this tiny midtown shop as “a cluttered little gem” with a friendly old man who can repair a watch while you wait. No more than two people can fit in at a time, and the place does get busy, but the service is “pleasant, quick, and underpriced,” says one reviewer.

This South Park Slope spot is a jewelry shop, but it also does repair work. A few Yelpers have brought in watches for resizing and battery changes, which are usually done in five minutes or less for $7 or less. Watch repairs near me

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