What to Look For in a Divorce Attorney

Divorce attorneys help clients file divorce papers and negotiate property division agreements. They also help with custody and alimony issues.

It’s important to find a good divorce attorney who understands your particular situation and is willing to work with you to get results. You want to feel like you have your attorney’s undivided attention.


A divorce attorney with extensive experience in the field can bring a variety of hard and soft skills to your case. They can anticipate potential legal pitfalls and help clients stay focused on what’s most important in the long run.

An experienced attorney also knows the judges and court system where your case will take place. This information shapes their strategy based on how those judges have previously handled divorce cases similar to yours.

If a high level of animosity exists between you and your spouse, consider a New York City divorce attorney who specializes in mediation. Mediation helps couples reach a compromise that’s best for them and their families. It’s less expensive than litigation and often ends faster. However, if neither party is willing to compromise, it may be necessary to litigate your divorce. A skilled attorney can help keep the costs and anger down for their client. This may mean negotiating a reasonable settlement or acting as a mediator during trial.


Divorce attorneys should have a good reputation in the community and be trusted by judges. The attorney’s reputation will also help determine how much you can expect to pay for their services.

Spouses should also consider how well a potential divorce attorney works with other professionals in the office. Many lawyers delegate a significant amount of work to their associates and support staff. During the initial consultation, spouses should ask about this and assess whether they will be comfortable with that level of interaction.

Finally, spouses should take the time to review the divorce lawyer’s advertising materials. A big budget for ads may indicate the attorney values marketing more than he or she does quality of work. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the attorney won’t do a great job for you.


As with any legal professional, a divorce attorney will charge you an hourly fee. This can vary greatly depending on the complexity of your case and whether or not court appearances are necessary (which often increase fees).

Divorce costs can also be significantly higher when contested issues are involved (such as custody, property division, and/or alimony). The more complicated the issues, the more time and expense the divorce will require.

Other expenses can include filing fees for the divorce petition, as well as hiring expert witnesses such as forensic accountants. In some situations, the Court may award counsel fees to allow a spouse to be represented in the divorce action.

If you and your spouse can agree on the major issues in the divorce, then full-scope representation by a lawyer may not be needed. You can save on costs by using what is called “limited scope representation” where you pay an attorney to handle a specific task or provide advice. Scheidungsanwalt

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