YouTube For Business – Handling Negative Comments

You have taken the time to create an awesome video using the right guidelines:

  • Concise – To the point, informative and you paid attention to your viewer’s needs.
  • Quality – You have used quality equipment, paid attention to contrasts and eliminated distractions.
  • Sections – Your video is not more than 5 minutes and you have broken down your topic into easy-to-understand steps.

Let’s face it; with all of your effort, you may still receive negative comments. These comments may be directed to your video, your product/service, or you personally.

How do you handle negative comments? YouTube gives you several options:

  1. Turn Off Comments. When you upload your video, YouTube gives you a “Don’t Allow” option under comments. Web 2.0 is meant to be a two-way conversation. Your goal is to create relationships that lead to future business. You cannot build positive relationships with people if you are not talking. With that in mind, this is ot a good option.
  2. Only allow friends’ comments. This is also an option when uploading or editing a video. As in the offline world, you want to interact with people who are not yet in your friends sphere and have the opportunity to introduce your business to them. Therefore, this is not a good option for comments.
  3. Block negative people from making comments. There are those people who will always respond negatively. If you have made every effort to connect and the negative comments continue, you can block this person. Look under “Subscriptions” in your channel, and simply select the subscriber from the left column, click on their name at the top of this video listing and in their profile, select “Block User.” Resist the temptation to make negative comments on their videos.
  4. Unsubscribe a user. There may be situations where you want to not just block the user; but remove them from your subscription list. This may seem drastic, but it is nice to know you can take drastic actions when needed. When you are in the profile of the subscriber, there is an option to Edit the Subscription” and you have an option to “Unsubscribe the User.”
  5. Remove the comment. You could simply remove the comments from other viewers being able to see the comment. This is a good option if the comment is offensive or if the person is simply selling themselves. To remove a comment, go to “My Videos” from your channel, click on the video and scroll down to “Text Comments.” Click on the “Remove” option next to the comment.

Respond to the negative comment. This is the option to take when possible. Leave the negative comments there for all to see and then add your comment addressing the problem. This shows you are willing to work with people and address their concerns. To reply to a comment, go to “My Videos” from your channel, click on the video and scroll down to “Text Comments.” Click on the “Reply” option next to the comment.

While we are on the subject of comments, take the time to comment on videos posted by your friends and colleagues. Remember to be positive or at the very least offer constructive criticism. best place to buy youtube comments

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