Heat Pump Thermostat

If your home uses a heat pump system, this means that both heating and cooling is operated through a heat pump.  Having a heat pump most likely means you do not have a separate air conditioning system, and chances are, if you have a heat pump, you are aware of it. 

A multi-stage heat pump system takes advantage of a device for emergency heating, sometimes referred to as auxiliary heating.  These emergency/extra heating applications are for exceptionally cold conditions, and are most likely found in Northeast homes.  If you have such a system, you’ll need a heat pump thermostat. What is a heat pump?

Normally, a heat pump has two pieces with one half inside and the other outside.  While both pieces consist of coils and fans, the outdoor pump also uses a compressor and reversing valve, while the indoor pump also uses a heater.  The size, shape, and overall look of the heat pump pieces can be compared to other appliances; the outdoor compares to a central air conditioning unit and the indoor to a gas furnace. 

Take note that the heat pump substitutes the need for a gas furnace, and is essentially like a dual functioning central air conditioner with the ability to draw heat from the air and recycle it for home heating purposes.  It is called a pump because this is exactly what it does; the heat pump pumps warm air into the home.  However it is a unique appliance in that it can reverse its functions to pump warm air out, making it a multi-useful apparatus and essentially a heating and cooling unit in one!White Rodgers 1F93-380 Heat Pump Thermostat TH8320 Honeywell Heat Pump Thermostat Why would I need a heat pump thermostat?

In light of how a heat pump works, it is easy to see why a thermostat can also be useful when your home uses a heat pump or an emergency heat pump.  The thermostat will turn on the heat pump or in the case of an emergency heat pump, supplemental to your existing heating and cooling systems, the work will be done for you.  With a heat pump thermostat there is no guesswork necessary regarding when to turn on your heat pump system or when to turn it off; the heat pump thermostat automatically saves your time and your energy!I know I have a heat pump system in my home, and I need a heat pump thermostat, now what type of heat pump thermostat do I need:  single-stage, multi-stage, or universal?

Most often the case for heat pump using homes, are the auxiliary heat pumps, and this means your home will require a multi-stage heat pump thermostat.  A multi-stage heat pump thermostat can also be referred to as a two stage heat pump thermostat. 

There are of course single-stage heat pump thermostats available as well, for homes that only rely on their heat pump system for all of their heating and cooling needs, not just for supplemental heating when the when the weather significantly drops.  We recommend the TH6110D Honeywell heat pump thermostat.  On the other hand, you can also take advantage of current technology, allow for flexibility, and purchase a universal heat pump thermostat that can manage either single-stage or multi-stage heat pump applications such as the Honeywell TH8320 heat pump thermostat. portable water pump

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