How To Fix A Boiler Leaking Water?

You need to keep in mind that water boiler leaking may be a symptom of a much larger problem. The leakage may be due to various issues and sometimes can be fixed easily without the help of a professional.

Below are some of the common causes that make your boiler leak water and how to solve them:Steps to fix a boiler leak

Once you notice your boiler leaking water, follow these simple steps to fix it up1. Determine the source of leak

Not every puddle of water found at the base of a boiler is necessarily due to a leak. Check the boiler, pipes around, other appliances, drain lines and other plumbing that can also cause a leak. If you identify the water leaking from the boiler, inspect it and try fixing it up carefully.2. Turn off power

Once you determine that the boiler is leaking, the very first thing you need to do is shut down the power supply. If you have an electric boiler, locate the circuit breaker and switch off the breaker. Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. Hence, it is important that you do this before going forward.

If you have a gas boiler, it would have an on/off switch. Make sure it is set to ‘off’. Avoid closing the gas shut off valve if possible.3. Turn off water supply

Always take precautions to avoid coming into contact with heated water. If the boiler leaking is obvious losing a lot of water, then turn off the water supply at the cold water valve, to prevent your house from getting flooded. If you have a serious leak and cannot reach the water shut off value, you should find the main shut off valve for the house and close it to stop the water supply to the boiler.4. Locate the leak

There are a number of problems that can cause your boiler to leak. It is a good idea to perform a quick inspection. Proper diagnosis of the leak before fixing it makes it easier for you to solve the problem.5. Check the valve

The valve in a boiler is designed to relieve the excess pressure from the boiler in case of a build-up. The extra pressure can be due to a bad expansion tank, a badly functioning water intake or a broken pressure valve elsewhere in your installation. A bypass valve is easy to fix: you just need to close it and relieve the extra pressure. The other valve, however, need to be fixed by a professional.6. Expansion tank

An expansion tank is simply a tank that allows water from the system to go in and out according to the pressure in the system. This tank contains about ½ air which acts as a cushion to absorb the extra volume of water that is created as the water is heated. If the expansion tank is full, it pushes water out of the relief valve, which can explain your water leak. Changing your tank will fix the problem.7. Fill valve

If the fill valve is leaking, you tend to get extra pressure in the system. If the pressure in the boiler gets over 30 psi, then it begins to relieve extra pressure by dripping water.

Water leaking from boilers can be a severe problem that is hard to diagnose and solve. It is always better to take action quickly, as this will usually save you time and money in the long term. Depending on the type of leak you may have to repair or replace the boiler. Improper repairs can cause larger leaks and other serious problems, so seeking the services of a professional plumber is usually advisable. local central heating services

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